These are so GREAT!! They keep your little one protected from all weather conditions and keep it nice and dark for those naps out and about. Ours are even reversible! $39.00

Get one side waterproof $45.00


Super cute caps! Fun and stylish designs! $8.00

Infant (0-12 months) Toddler (12-24 months)

Color options: Infant and Toddler-Pink, hot pink,white,black,brown/pink dots,pink/white dots,hot pink/white dots,lavender/white dots,orange/white dots,red,zebra,and cheetah.


Newest hot item!! So adorable! Same great look as our beanies but with a cute brim. Looks great on boys too!!! Flowers can be added to spice it up. $9.00
Available in two sizes!

Newborn (0-2 months)
Infant/Toddler (3-24 months)
Sizing will vary depending on size of child's head.
Opening to hat does NOT stretch like the beanies do.

Color options: Infant-Pink, hot pink,brown,white,lavender,bubblegum, and black.
Toddler-Pink,bubblegum pink,hot pink,tan,brown,black,turquoise, red,lavender,and white.


Who doesn't love tutus? Our tutus are on satin ribbon allowing it to be worn for a longer period of time and can be tied on easily! Plus a tutu looks cuter with a big bow tied in back! We'll even tie in strands of ribbon throughout. Clip on a flower for added elegance. $15.00
Lavender and Pink

The color options are endless! Mix it up!
Waist sizes vary so we'll custom fit. Specify when ordering the size of your child's waist.


Bracelets are so adorable on babies. Perfect for those special occasions. Can do all color arrangements! Specify in order. $10.00

Classic Pearl and Crystal

Sizes: Newborn 4" around
Infant 4.5" around
Toddler 5" around


They are here and as luxurious as ever!! Super plush minky outside and lined with a silky print!! So adorable with your sweetheart's favorite dress. The cardigan hooks at the chest and then ties for a finished look. More options in fabric will be posted later.

Black Bear w/ Paisley lining
*sizes available are 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m & 18m


If you're looking at multiple items or need the best baby shower gift, these are the most popular combinations!

For boys or girls, get a burp cloth and Binky Bling for $20.00
**Add two headbands (crochet or nylon) and a small flower clip for $8.00

Glamour Wipes Case and Fancy Pouch $20.00

*Buy one infant or toddler hat w/ ribbon and get one small flower clip FREE

*3 burp cloths for $18.00


You can never have too many burp cloths, especially cute ones like these!! They are ultra absorbent, made from 6 ply cloth diapers, with cute fabrics on the ends. This leaves plenty of room down the middle for spit up, but looks extremely cute still draped over your shoulder! We like to mix and match fabrics, but you can also do the same fabric on both sides. They're perfect for boys and girls!! 12.5 in x 17.5 in

Black Marks & Bubbly Green

Pink w/ Black Dots & Black Leaf

Oriental Fan & Love Letter

Blue and Brown Paisley & Brown w/ Teal Dots

$8.00 each or 3 for $18.00


These pouches are so convenient and can be used for anything! They work really well as a diaper and wipes case holder, but the options are endless. Keep the essentials in it so you have something easy to just grab and go! Choose your favorite fabrics. $10.50

A Work In Progress

Eisley Rain creates many products that are currently not pictured yet, but are available. We are getting our products up as quickly as we can. Keep your eye out for more, including:

*Nursing Covers
*Car Seat Canopy
*Elastic Headbands
*Ribbon Bows
*Pacifier Bling
*Minky Coats
*Tutu Dresses
*Fairy Wands
*Baby Bracelets
*Super Cute Onsies
*Silky Baby Wraps
*Superhero Capes
*Many more Binky Bling in all colors including boys

We've got so much to offer!! If you're interested in any of these items before they are posted, feel free to email any questions or requests to Thanks!!


These flowers are the cutest!! They are fun to mix and match with different colored headbands, hats, and are so cute when clipped onto tutus! Each is fixed to a ribbon covered, two pronged hair clip.
Small Flowers $4.00
3" and smaller
Mixed Brown w/ Rhinestone
Elegant Red
Brown w/ Antique Center

Pink Gerbera Daisy
Light Green Gerbera Daisy
(Also comes in yellow,white,and orange)
Choose from either a Rhinestone or Pearl center!

Medium Flowers $5.00
4" diameter
Yellow Spider Daisy and Purple Spider Daisy
(Also comes in light blue,light pink,white,and moss green)

Hot Pink Gerbera Daisy and Light Green Gerbera Daisy
(Also comes in red,light pink,purple,white,and sky blue)

Large Flowers $6.00
5" diameter
Light Green Gerber Daisy w/ Brilliant Center
(Also comes in light pink,hot pink,purple,yellow,white,light blue,and red)

*Large sized Gerbera Daisy also available in medium color selection.
Two-toned Pink Gerber Daisy (real to the touch) $6.50

Organza Flowers
Mini (set of 2) $3.00
Small $4.50
Medium $5.50
Large $6.50

These are the newest flowers! Very feminine! Made from Organza and dazzled with beads and sequins. A must have!

Hot Pink Organza
(Also available in light pink, white, lavender, purple, blue, navy, green, orange, yellow, black, brown, silver, gold and red)